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Young Naturalist Club

Third, fourth and fifth graders meet once a month after school to explore the different habitats of Edisto. Through fun, hands-on activities like birding, scavenger hunts and dip-netting, Young Naturalists learn to identify common plants and animals that live on the island. Public lands and properties under conservation easement are ideal learning environments, so each session is structured around the land we are visiting. Students make comparisons between the places they have visited, and are excited to discover new animals and plants.

The Young Naturalist Club fosters curiosity and respect for nature while teaching the basics of collecting scientific data and wildlife identification skills. We also have plenty of fun catching fiddler crabs, checking out what is inside rotting logs and following deer tracks to see where they go.

Dedicated volunteers and the support of our donors make it possible to provide this program free of charge to the students of Jane Edwards Elementary, a Title I school, and to local homeschoolers. 





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